Benefit from cooperation with the first hybrid cryptocurrency exchange Biokript

Irina Kalmikova
4 min readJan 4, 2023

More and more people are becoming interested in digital money and using it in everyday life. Cryptocurrencies open up new opportunities, and in the future they will surely be able to replace cash. Interest in cryptocurrencies has grown significantly since the beginning of 2021, and this is confirmed by a study of leading cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as a survey of users who are actively interested in digital assets and plan to acquire them in the future. Cryptocurrency is increasingly breaking into all areas of our lives, because it already has advantages over fiat money. And I want to prove it to you with the Biokript crypto trading platform. Anyone who has already dealt with cryptocurrencies can already be convinced that cryptocurrencies can be used quickly, cheaply and without intermediaries in online transactions.

Biokript is the best solution for you, your clients and your environment!

Today, there is a shortage of Sharia-compliant cryptocurrency exchanges around the world, and this is where Biokript comes in as a gift. With over 1.9 billion Muslims on the planet, Biokript offers halal investment opportunities with minimal risk.
Cryptocurrency has already revolutionized financial transactions, allowing anyone to make payments with zero transaction fees, creating new online payment methods that bypass existing payment systems. The fact is that cryptocurrencies can create a truly open and limitless world of finance by applying all modern innovations.

Biokript is developing its business, which, through a combination of innovative business features, technical characteristics, has a unique opportunity to provide access, liquidity and ease of use of cryptocurrencies.
Biokript is a cryptocurrency exchange business and Biokript Utility (Bkrpt) native token. The Bkrpt token is designed to perform basic services and provide significant benefits to token holders, including profit sharing revenues, big discounts on various Biokript fees, and more!

With Biokript, you are always in control of your own private keys and always in complete control of your cryptocurrency. If you don’t hold your keys, you don’t hold your cryptocurrency. Biokript has taken care of the security of your assets and keys by using the hybrid nature of its platform, using elements of centralization and decentralization, thereby bypassing its competitors.

Crypto trading platform Biokript performs all its transactions on the blockchain, where everything is transparent and open for audit and any verification. Therefore, Biokript uses the highest security for your exchange, where all files will be encrypted with the latest encryption technology. And this means that users will have full control over their funds. In addition, users can use several options for two-factor authentication, and before the withdrawal, the Biokript system will notify the user of this withdrawal, and if something suspicious happens, the user can block this withdrawal. And of course you will receive first-class support 24/7 from the team in case of problems with the withdrawal or deposit.

The highlight of the Biokript platform is the Bkrp token, which will eliminate the manipulation of trading volume as Biokript holders will earn trading income. With the Biokript token, you get exchange profits based on the principles of Mudarabah, as well as significant discounts on commissions for all transactions, listing fees and profits from the increase in the price of the Biokript token.

So let’s move on a little! Cryptocurrency platform Biokript will not make you nervous waiting for a transaction or huge commissions. Everything here is so fast, cheap and safe, all thanks to the ultra-fast Binance Smart Chain network. The security of the platform and its Biokript token deserves special attention. It is the encryption algorithm that protects against cyber attacks and hacks Biokript, of course, deserves the trust of crypto users. After all, Biokript is committed to providing Sharia-compliant cryptographic services to all willing users, and in the process to move the world towards decentralization by educating people on blockchain technology.

In conclusion, I want to thank the development team of this wonderful Biokript platform, and advise the entire crypto community not to waste time and urgently join the Biokript platform, because very significant and profitable events for our wallet are ahead of us! For more information use the links below.

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