Cook Protocol will be the new face of the DeFi decentralized system

Irina Kalmikova
4 min readFeb 19, 2021

More and more asset management protocols are being integrated with popular DeFi platforms. And this growth will only develop at an accelerated pace in the future. Such platforms, having a convenient and intuitive interface, as well as a set of tools for managing digital assets, enable investors and users to gain access to a wide range of financial products. Of course, DeFi has a number of benefits that ensure the convenience and safety of users. This is why the Cook Protocol has no other solution than to join the DeFi movement and become the new face of the decentralized system of choice.

Cook Protocol establishes a transparent and flexible asset management platform

The Cook Protocol is an Ethereum-based decentralized asset management platform designed for both ordinary investors and professional asset managers to showcase the new opportunity for DeFi innovation. A significant range of professional asset managers Cook Protocol provides retail investors with a wide range of asset management options.

About profitable benefits for investors on the Cook Protocol platform

Since the Cook Protocol platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain, where a common asset management platform is installed, on which investors can take advantage of all asset management tools from fund managers. Investors can manage their funds passively or actively through whitelisted DeFi protocols. At the same time, investors for each investment fund are issued a unique ERC-20 token proportional to their contribution to the fund, which they can sell at any time in exchange for an equivalent underlying asset. It can also be attributed to the advantages for investors, this is the choice of investments, both index funds and funds with active management.

Cook Protocol and its COOK token

The COOK token has great capabilities and can influence protocol management and updates. The COOK token gives you the right to:
- Updating the DeFi whitelist i.e. your vote will be able to decide whether to add or remove a specific DeFi protocol to the whitelist at the protocol level.
- Regulation of platform fees. It is up to you to increase or decrease the commission on the Cook Protocol platform.
- Change the management model. If you are not satisfied with the platform management model, then you can suggest a better option.
- Change Oracle prices. You can vote to update the price oracle.
- Add new features. At the protocol level, you can vote to add features.

Cook Protocol roadmap

Investors have a huge opportunity to be a part of this amazing project early on, as the Cook Protocol is the next best thing to happen in the crypto world. And in order not to miss all the important platform events, check out the Cook Protocol Roadmap.

Cook Protocol Platform Team

The Cook Protocol team has some of the best people in the industry. Each of them is a professional, an irreplaceable cog in the mechanism, responsibly performing their duties and contributing to the improvement of the platform’s functionality. It is thanks to these specialists who work well together that the Cook Protocol platform is already considered promising and competitive today.

As you can see, the Cook Protocol platform can really be considered useful and promising, as it can bring a number of changes in the investment area in the near future.

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