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Irina Kalmikova
4 min readAug 4, 2022


Surely every person who deals with cryptocurrency has felt a terrible disappointment due to the fall of the blockchain industry. But it would be time to get used to such a swing and find a way out in other structures that set the trend today. I’m talking about a financial system without state control and other unnecessary intermediaries — DeFi. It is this system that has become attractive to investors because you do not need to be a millionaire to invest, but simply have a few dollars by installing the appropriate application on your computer or smartphone, or register on the appropriate site. At the same time, the user will always be able to control his accounts, and if he needs to withdraw his money at any time, and from anywhere in the world.

In this regard, the YieldTopia DeFi platform and its capabilities attracted my attention.

The creators of the YieldTopia platform are young crypto enthusiasts who decided to provide investors with a profitable offer, namely, to earn from their own investments, and not from a meager percentage of the bank. And for this purpose, the development team has developed a secure and profitable yield protocol that is 100% open source and decentralized tokenized ecosystem that guarantees 42,069% APY in USD. But YieldTopia’s biggest selling point is its ecosystem that will always support the value of its $YIELD, which means for holders that YieldTopia’s APY will always be profitable and valuable.

The YieldTopia platform is exactly the platform you need to look into.

When we enter any investment platform, the most important thing for us is trust and security. It is YieldTopia that provides us with a financial haven, where all our fears and fears for our funds are dispelled. And in order to experience this financial grace for yourself, for this you need to purchase $YIELD tokens in order to start profiting from the YieldTopia yield protocol. And since the early sale has already begun, you can buy $YIELD on PancakeSwap at a low price.

I would like to note a couple more remarkable features of the YieldTopia platform! This is an opportunity to purchase a YieldTopian Membership Card and use the NFT marketplace. YieldTopian Membership Card holders receive VIP privileges and special access to YieldTopia, where they receive a wide range of benefits. And in the near future, YieldTopian Membership Card holders will be able to receive a physical and digital debit card that will be linked to $YIELD and $USDY tokens. Regarding YieldNFT, NFT lovers have all the conditions on the platform to view the NFT rank, track their NFTs, buy and sell, share collections, and much more. And if you are an active and creative person in life, then YieldTopia gives you the opportunity to become part of the team and make your proposals for the development of the platform, vote for this or that decision within the platform.

Of course, I cannot cover all the advantages of the YieldTopia platform in my short review, but I assure you that YieldTopia deserves your attention, and you can find all the necessary information on the YieldTopia website, and social. networks, which I will provide below. Join the big and friendly YieldTopia family!

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