FxRumble introduces gaming methods for Forex and Cryptocurrency trading through Gamification.

Irina Kalmikova
4 min readApr 29, 2022

I have good news for both novice traders and trading sharks! Now you have the opportunity to earn on trading with the help of gamification. The FxRumble platform team took care of its traders by introducing gamification into the trading process so that this pastime would not be boring and tedious. Gamification, as a technology, adapts gaming methods to non-gaming processes, thereby attracting more participants to this process. It is gamification that helps to attract and retain traders on this platform, while also helping beginners to easily learn the experience of professional traders.

It is gamification that helps and encourages traders to compete and compete. This is the best motivational way to achieve your goals. FxRumble, using gamification as a tool to engage traders on its platform, offers unlimited tournaments and rewards that anyone can enter and everyone can be a winner.

So what is so attractive about the FxRumble platform, the opening of which we are looking forward to?

Novice investors often come to the stock market to play, and tend not to regret losing money as a result of such a game. After all, the process of gamification does not always allow you to regret the money that they lost, because for them it’s just a game. The FxRumble platform acts as a trading platform with tournaments for traders from all over the world. Here any trader can be rewarded for their skills. He can share his skills with novice traders, can team up and play in world tournaments with other teams, while you will always win and receive a legitimate reward. The FxRumble trading platform also provides a ranking system and top awards for the trading skills of traders. In truth, the FxRumble platform will become the largest trading platform with a unique tournament model, the purpose of which will be the gamification of trading in the Forex market and cryptocurrencies.

I would also like to note that the FxRumble platform acts not only as a trading platform, but also as a social network. This is a great opportunity to find and invite like-minded people to your team, with whom you will earn more, based on Forex and cryptocurrency trading competitions. The artificial intelligence that Fx Rumble is equipped with will pay attention to your trading actions to track, suggest and improve your results to make you a real trader.

So what are the basic rules we need to know when entering the Fx Rumble platform?

So, the most important thing you should know:
- You can challenge another trader to a match to fight him one on one, or enter a tournament with several players, without any restrictions.
- You can put together your own team to participate in team tournaments, while using the chat system, you can find the right solutions for trading.
- Thanks to the gamification that Fx Rumble uses, your trading becomes a game, where you can play just like a game without risking money, or for real money, increasing your capital.
- Fx Rumble offers novice traders a trading school to gain knowledge and experience in trading.
- The artificial intelligence system serves as a support for traders, tracking their activity on the FxRumble platform, reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the game, suggests the best trading option.

Concluding my review, I want to encourage you and your friends to join this unique platform. FxRumble will open soon and you should not miss the chance to be rewarded simply for your trading skills!

Find out more information on the site and in social networks, and do not slow down, increase your profits!

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