Maximus Coin keeps user data safe

Irina Kalmikova
4 min readOct 12, 2022

In recent years, the world of information technology has faced the problem of an avalanche-like growth in the volume of stored data, and it is usually solved by increasing the number and capacity of file servers. One of the most important current trends in the development of corporate distributed networks is an increase in the number of both intra-service and stand-alone external storage devices. Accordingly, the need for reliable and fast storage devices is growing. Modern information storage systems must be universal and scalable, blockchain technology also overcomes serious problems with the security and reliability of data storage.

To solve the problem of data ownership and privacy, the Maximus Tech platform was proposed, which is designed to protect the world from serious data privacy and storage problems.

We are all very concerned that our data is always tightly protected from any leakage, because. Recently, we have seen how hackers break into both bank accounts and crypto wallets, and this state of affairs cannot suit us. Therefore, we are looking for an opportunity to find the system that could close the armored door from the penetration of fraudsters and protect our data.

That’s why I ask you to pay attention to the Maximus Tech platform, which strives to guarantee the security of your data, its confidentiality and the actual ownership of your data. It is with Maximus Tech that only the owner of their data has access to their data anywhere in the world and at any time with complete security and respect for their confidentiality. You may ask, how is such data protection achieved? Through the decentralized cloud storage at Maximus Tech, which is designed for those users who want to store their data online in complete security and data privacy. With a decentralized cloud storage network, Maximus Tech can provide access to data at higher data rates, at a lower storage cost, and with a direct solution to privacy breaches and data breaches.

So how does the Maximus Tech network work? Maximus Tech has been developed with blockchain technology, cryptography and encryption to ensure it is secure and accessible. And cloud storage of files is achieved through the use of automatic obligations under the hosting agreement between the user / landlord and the host, based on immutable smart contracts.

You will also be interested in another question! How is user data secure?
Everything ingenious is simple! Maximus Tech encrypts the data that is stored by the user. This encrypted data is then broken into fragments, and in the last step, these fragments are distributed among several Maximus Tech Network hosting providers around the world. And all this thanks to blockchain technology, which allows you to store your encrypted data files on several hosts / nodes around the world, and, if necessary, access them from anywhere in the world and at any time.

In conclusion, I would like to outline the most significant aspects of Maximus Tech — these are:
- Decentralized cloud storage
- Strong privacy and security
- High speed and low cost
I hope that in this short article, I was able to convey the main and important principles of storing and securing your data in the Maximus Tech system.

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