MetaMine is a community of green miners in the Metaverse!

In our time, the problem of the possibility of a climate crisis is especially acute, and the rapid growth in the popularity of mining only exacerbated this problem, since this method of consensus consumes a huge amount of electricity. As a result, many mining companies are constantly working to find a solution to this problem.
And a company called MetaMine is no exception to this rule. Namely, she decided to use green energy to revolutionize the crypto mining industry. MetaMine’s goal is to convey to the community the importance of the mining industry to implement strategies to improve the efficiency of green energy production and sustainable development. MetaMine proposes to use environmentally friendly mining companies with more productive production of green energy, and with stable further development. This approach should solve one of the most pressing problems today: the need for cheaper energy and the climate crisis.

MetaMine creates a community where miners will use only green sources, for example: winds, solar panels, energy obtained from the bowels of the earth, or water energy. And it will be a revolution in the crypto mining industry! To achieve this goal, MetaMine has recruited a team of professional miners who support the DAO concept. This mining team will oversee and be responsible for all aspects of the mining process, as well as taking care of the MetaMine pool.
The DAO-based community of green miners MetaMine has created a committee where, by voting, you can control, coordinate and track all decisions made by the DAO. A fair and efficient voting system by committee members will ensure democracy for the MetaMine community. This is the hallmark of DAO governance.

MetaMine has a replaceable MINE token that was issued by the MetaMine community and is the core of that community. It will serve as the circulation currency for Metaverse applications, as well as voice in the MetaMine community. The MINE token is blockchain-based and will be traded on both the Ethereum network and Binance, which is very convenient for users. Thanks to this ideal combination, cross-chain transaction technologies will be secure, fast, immutable, decentralized and scalable.

The MINE token is intended to be used in several ways:

• Projects related to the mining of cryptocurrencies belonging to the MetaMine community will receive investments from the funds raised from the sale of the MINE token.

• As a circulation currency, the MINE token is embedded in other applications related to Metaverse on the blockchain.

To conclude my review, I want to reiterate that as concerns about the amount of energy used to mine cryptocurrencies are growing, new initiatives will emerge to improve the environmental performance of the mining sector. New energy sources and sustainable protocols need to be maximized, thereby offsetting the carbon footprint. And it is the founders of the MetaMine community who are committed to making a significant contribution to the green crypto mining community.

I am sure that you want to learn more about the MetaMine platform, and what else the project team will prepare for us, then follow the links below:

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