Persistence — a new era of next-generation financial products

Today we live in an era of ecosystems and mass digitalization. These digital technologies are very important to us because make our life comfortable and safe. With the help of financial applications that are available to us around the clock, we can easily manage our assets from anywhere in the world. And of course, global capital also works in this area, and its tasks are more complicated. To this end, developers are constantly working on more efficient financial applications that dictate macroeconomic conditions in the world, and which see the need for a product like Persistence.

Mission Persistence

Persistence’s mission is to tackle the problem of seamless exchange of value around the world, and to increase the speed and efficiency of cross-border trade and finance. Persistence — Facilitates the creation of next generation financial products, and is an interoperability protocol. So what are the benefits of the Persistence platform? I am sure that such a platform was very much anticipated, tk. Persistence provides its platform for solving problems in the debt markets, where they compare organizations with excess capital — these are lenders, with organizations that need capital — these are borrowers. To solve these problems, Persistence will use the key functions of the Blockchain / Cryptocurrency system:

● Capital movement — instantly and around the clock, without borders and trust.
● Tokenization of real assets using DeFi functions and non-financial NFT tokens, which will allow new capital to pass into the crypto ecosystem.

● Decentralized exchange — will make it easy to trade and exchange real cryptocurrency assets — stablecoins.
● Debt markets — here as collateral for borrowing, ie. loans, you can use crypto assets and real assets.

Thus, the real asset tokenized in the NFT can be used for simple and global funding, or freely traded.

As you can see, the Persistence platform appeared in the crypto world in a timely manner, since financial capital increases its volume, the need for access to finance increases, and they want to generate income, and Persistence will ensure an efficient global allocation of capital.

Persistence products and services

The Persistence Infrastructure offers its means to create the right, cutting-edge cryptocurrency products in the DeFi and NFT space that have never been used by anyone in the blockchain industry. The Persistence developers have created a set of standardized modules (Software Development Kit) with which you can model markets as you wish and integrate them into existing applications. These modules can also be combined and rearranged to create a different marketplace.
Four important factors are invested in the design of a technology stack:

● Availability is when physical goods are placed on the chain as an NFT.
● Liquidity — in the crypto space for MSME enterprises, there will be an opportunity for unused liquidity.
● Sustainability — for sustainable income, taking cryptocurrency out of speculation with real-world use cases and a working token.
● Innovation — for new opportunities in the crypto community, the platform creates advanced interoperability-oriented cryptocurrency products.

I would like to dwell on some of the products and services provided by the Persistence ecosystem:
- Institutional Comdex platform, which is designed for commodity trading and trade finance.
- Platform for lending stablecoins — pLend, which is supported by real assets and provides profit to the holders of stablecoins.
- provides top tier verification services for leading PoS networks.
- Platform for individual trading platforms NFT — Asset Mantle.

XPRT token and its use

The XPRT token in the Persistence ecosystem will have several directions of its use. First of all, the XPRT token will work in the staking system to ensure the safety of the network from the side of the community. From the increase in financial activity in the dApps of the Persistence ecosystem, the working XPRT token will also accumulate its value for token holders.

In conclusion, I would like to note the tremendous and necessary work of the development team to create the Persistence platform and its ecosystem, which will be in demand by all branches of the crypto world. I am sure that Persistence will still delight us with new developments and new achievements of its ecosystem, opening new financial horizons for the crypto community.

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