Revolutionizing the NFT Industry by Connecting the NFT Market with Social Media

Social media plays a role in the lives of most of us, whether it be for personal use, a professional necessity, or an inevitable inevitability. We live in a world where users voluntarily part with a wealth of valuable personal data in exchange for access to social media platforms and the “psychological bonuses” they receive from their use. Personal information is shared with third parties and used in ways that are unsafe and never directly benefit the vast majority of users. However, through the use of blockchain technology, developers have the opportunity to initiate a paradigm shift in the dynamics and economic model of social networks, while ensuring reliability and security by using the potential of infinite scalability.

The publication of such projects as Social Nft was accompanied by many skeptical assessments and opinions, but in a short time he proved that the idea of an open space for media people in order to sell their images and generate passive income on a social network is exactly the solution that was missing. users.

So let’s figure out what the SOCIAL NFT Marketplace is and what it offers us.

The SOCIAL NFT Marketplace is a marketplace where social media users can create NFTs (non-fungible tokens) of their products or images and sell them on the platform.

Now, to make it clearer, I will tell you what NFT is.

The abbreviation NFT stands for non-fungible tokens. To understand tokens, you need to understand what environment they exist in — in this case, in the blockchain. Blockchain is a database that is simultaneously stored on a huge variety of computers. In the traditional model of the Internet, all devices are connected to centralized nodes (in the form of servers or Internet providers), while the blockchain works according to a different scheme, in its system all devices simultaneously store all information published on the blockchain. Tokens, in turn, represent a register entry within this blockchain. A distinctive feature of most tokens is the principle of fungibility. It can be compared to a currency (including cryptocurrency): one dollar, one ruble or one bitcoin can be easily replaced with one dollar, one ruble or one bitcoin belonging to another user. And in order to transfer unique items that can be sold to the blockchain, the format of non-fungible NFT tokens was created. Each of the NFTs is unique and exists in a single copy, it cannot be divided, and all information about its author, buyer and all transactions with it is securely stored in the blockchain. In other words, NFT is a digital certificate attached to a unique object.

So what can we sell in NFT form on the Social Nft platform, and how do we do it?

In fact, anything. Music, images, text, video — that is, any digital product that claims to be unique. But before creating NFTs of their products or images and selling — buying them on the platform, users must register on the Social Nft platform. In addition, in order to create their own NFT, users must have an internal SNFT token, which is used for all transactions on the platform, and which is the SOCIAL NFT service token. Now, by creating NFT in a safe and decentralized way, the user can download any images from social networks and receive passive income from these social networks, which in itself you get another platform for your publications. In doing so, the Blockchain will securely store your account data under which users can store NFT.

The SOCIAL NFT Marketplace is interested in promoting this technology to a mainstream audience and giving each user the opportunity to invest in NFT property as well as expanding this dynamic ecosystem.

What else you need to know:

● Some fees will apply on the platform, such as application usage fees to complete trades, NFT creation and hosting, NFT auctions, and SNFT network fees.

● Interested parties, in the form of reputable investors, can manage the SOCIAL NFT market, ie. amend the underlying protocol and change the basic parameters of the structure in accordance with the changing needs of the environment and the community.

● Users received a unique SOCIAL NFT Marketplace platform, which allows them to transfer their digital products to NFT, and sell their images on the market with established business models.

● SOCIAL NFT rewards users for their valuable donations to support successful creators, sellers and buyers. SOCIAL NFT Marketplace also uses its own types of rewards for the role of a network validator using the Proof of Stake model.

In conclusion, I would like to once again draw your attention to the fact that the purpose of the SOCIAL NFT Marketplace is to create a forum for social media users where they would discuss purchases and sales, as well as exchange digital images. NFT marketing is incredibly easy to use, you can sell both digital art and tickets to any event. But despite the wide range of NFT use in the network, nevertheless, the SOCIAL NFT Marketplace will focus only on the functioning of NFT in social networks, thereby revolutionizing the NFT industry, connecting the NFT market with social networks.

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