TheFutbolCoin is a cryptocurrency platform dedicated to the world of football

We live in a very interesting time, where cryptocurrency has conquered the entire planet, and has entered almost all areas of our life. She also got to sports. And this is not surprising, since cryptocurrency brings in very good income. For example, in football, well-known clubs enter into contracts with cryptocurrency exchanges, and earn on the growth of bitcoin. For cryptocurrency, they buy players in teams, sell football tickets, souvenirs, etc., and for example, Ronaldinho even created his own cryptocurrency. So you shouldn’t be surprised that cryptocurrency is our reality. Today I want to introduce you to a very interesting and promising project from the football world — the TheFutbolCoin platform.

Time to choose crypto platform TheFutbolCoin

And that’s why! Before the advent of TheFutbolCoin platform, and with it the TheFutbolApp, fans searched for information about matches and players on various social networks, coaches and players communicated via WhatsApp for team meetings and information exchange. And then a platform with its own application appeared, which immediately attracted the attention of both teams and fans. That is why I want to draw your attention to the TheFutbolCoin platform, its advantages and prospects.

Features of TheFutbolApp and TFC token

TheFutbolApp uses the TFC digital token, which is verified by the Stellar blockchain, and provides low fees and high transaction speed between TFC and TFA. TFC token can be earned in the application, or rather, we earn points, and exchange them for tokens in our account. And since the TheFutbolApp platform became available to football fans, they took the opportunity to make money on predicting games with great passion. You can also play the game “Panda”, which comes out 5–10 times a day, you need to catch balls, and also earn money. TheFutbolApp has united all fans from all over the world, where they can create group chats for discussion and exchange of information. Here you can find like-minded people and new friends, in other words, this is a new social network for football fans. Of course, advertisers will also find their interest here. By earning or buying a TFC token, advertisers can advertise their products and services.

About registration in TheFutbolApp application

The TheFutbolApp application from the TheFutbolCoin platform can be downloaded from the Play Market, and when registering an account, receive a secure TFC wallet, and after verification, the user will receive 1TFC to activate his wallet. To activate the wallet, you need to chat, play the game “Panda”, or predict the result of matches, ie. earn some points and show your activity. The application interface is very simple and easy to use, I hope you will quickly figure out all the sections.
TFC token is already traded on such exchanges as: StellarTerm, LATOKEN, Bittrex Global

TheFutbolCoin Team

Probably, on behalf of all football fans, I would like to express my deep gratitude to the team of creators and advisors of the TheFutbolCoin platform, as well as for the creation of TheFutbolApp, where users can follow all the news from the world of football, track the games of their favorite teams, communicate in club chats, and earn TFC. TheFutbolCoin team did their best to create such a necessary application for everyone, for which we are very grateful to them! The crypto world and the world of football have become much closer.

Concluding my review, I want to say that I have already joined the platform and am using TheFutbolApp. And although I’m not a big fan of football, and I don’t have a favorite team, I love the app and its features, and I love winning the game and guessing matches. And of course, I am happy for the real fans who have gotten to use this wonderful application, combining Cretography and Football, which will ultimately bring great benefits and success for both sides. Join and you, feel the unity of football fans and crypts.

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