Using the smart grid, the Grandle platform is changing the familiar world beyond recognition right now.

Irina Kalmikova
3 min readMay 16, 2021

Today’s world is hard to imagine without intelligent technologies, in almost every area of our life. Many people can no longer do without Smart Home functions, for example, etc. We quickly get used to good and easy-to-use, and that’s okay. progress cannot stand still. And of course, the financial system also cannot do without intelligent technologies, due to which transaction delays, data security risks are reduced, thereby increasing the efficiency of business processes.

Gradle and its financial capabilities

I present to your attention the Grandle platform with its decentralized financial capabilities, which uses the smart grid. This platform uses smart contracts with a high degree of programming, automates their execution and allows the creation of new financial instruments and digital assets. The software used makes it possible for easy interaction between different platforms, which will increase the economic benefit for the users. On the Grandle platform, smart contracts with a high degree of programming are used to create new digital assets and financial instruments, which automate their execution. And of course, the security and controllability of data, which are strongly protected from hacking, is of no small importance. It also enhances the security of the Grandle platform, precisely through seamless data coordination that supports blockchain decentralization. A distinctive feature of Grandle’s financial capabilities is that, using the smart grid, Grandle is easily programmed, optimizing operations, and paves the way for new digital assets. Agree, this attitude towards smart contracts will make it easier to access important data that are indispensable in the Blockchain network.

Features of Gradle

To provide even better liquidity and crop growing services for crypto traders and farmers, Grandle finance technology leverages the liquidity of popular AMMs. Initially, Grandle was conceived as an independent, but additional system to the existing Ethereum network with a non-fungible NFTS token, but eventually settled on NFT for investors and users in its market with original content. Grandle DeFi is an opportunity for users in a world of new economic activity. After all, access to DeFi is always open to any user who has the Internet and a crypto wallet. The Grandle platform has its own GRAND token, which is already on the blockchain, and which can already be bought using good discounts during the pre-sale, today it is with a 6% bonus.

Upcoming Gradle Products

In order to increase the economic benefit of users on their platform, in the near future such products will be presented that will make the platform the most financially attractive, and crypto traders and farmers will be able to maximize their financial income.

In conclusion, I would like to note that Grandle lays a solid foundation for all those who are immersed in the world of blockchain and want to use unique tools and opportunities on the platform for their discoveries, analysis and decision-making.

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