Virtual reality is already on the blockchain together with the social platform NetVRk

From the analysis of the prospects of technologies, more and more companies are actively testing and using virtual reality in their processes. Platforms that have brought VR to the online format are gaining more and more popularity, and this trend has skyrocketed. A social platform such as NetVRk invites its users to interact with other users in real time, participate in mini-games, and, through a community engagement program, will include treasure hunts, contests and promotions. On the platform, users will be able to create and showcase their art and creations in NetVRk.

So why are we interested in the NetVRk platform?

The social virtual reality platform NetVRk offers us super modern tools with all the infrastructure for creating applications, sharing usage and monetizing virtual reality. The created NetVRk platform provides an opportunity for all users, taking into account their needs, to create an attractive world for themselves, to explore it virtually, populate it and even change it at their own will. Users can use their own world not only for entertainment purposes, but also in the business space. Surely, for many who came to the platform for making money, they will be interested in the block — a chain-based ecosystem that provides tools for monetizing virtual reality environments in a safe economy.

We must pay tribute to the NetVRk team, which devoted a lot of effort and time to the development of the platform in order to create the most vivid user experience while in virtual reality. And they succeeded completely, tk. the created VR platform uses a model of the universe with planets, cities and interactions. The NetVRk platform provides its users, using the provided VR tools NetVRk, integrating their 3D, visual effects or code, simulate real physical interactions and create VR content. Even a non-professional user can handle this. a tool such as NetVRk FeRefiX, having all the necessary functions, allows you to create VR content easily and conveniently without experience and knowledge.

The virtual metaverse is a new stage in the evolution of the Internet

NetVRk goal is to create a unique and visually appealing world where each user can change shapes according to personal priorities, and then use their worlds for personal and professional purposes. To this end, the blockchain-based ecosystem created in NetVRk will provide all the necessary tools to monetize its virtual reality environment in a secure economy.

Ecosystem NetVRk token

Creating its own ecosystem, the NetVRk platform has released its own blockchain-based token — NTVRK. The token can be used in several ways on the platform. — The simplest type of passive income is staking, in which a fixed percentage of profit is paid based on the placement of NTVRK tokens on the network.
- Buying assets is an opportunity to invest in houses, vehicles, and much more that can be found on the NetVRk market.
- Purchase of land in the most popular places in the world with your favorite landscape outside the window.
- Buying advertising or advertising space that can be rented out and receive passive income, or simply sold to make a profit.
- Create NFT is another way to generate income by creating a non-financial token (NFT) using the NTVRK token.

VR App Store

The NetVRk platform also has a VR app store that allows users to create apps and experience them with others. Here you can take advantage of an unlimited number of unique, fully interactive VR worlds. Another attractive opportunity for all users is the creation of worlds and applications in virtual reality. Most importantly, all VR users will be able to benefit from a variety of monetization tools.

NetVRk Team

A team of experienced NetVRk developers, applying all their knowledge and experience, plan to revolutionize the Internet, working with the cryptocurrency and virtual reality communities, which will lead to an ever-expanding virtual metaverse.

The team’s ideas and goals are very exciting and impressive. Even now, the team is collaborating with a large number of partners and investors, which speaks of the popularity of the NetVRk platform.

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